Even in Germany, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS) have
been developing into the most important accounting standards. Starting in 2005,
EU directives require that all listed companies submit annual financial
statements in accordance with IAS/IFRS.
Even non-listed medium-sized enterprises are changing
early to the new standards. Accounting according to
IAS/IFRS offers you the opportunity of international
presence and access to international capital markets.
Moreover, accounting according to IAS/IFRS will be a
prerequisite for borrowing in the short- to medium term.
Our services for IAS/IFRS
Our service selection comprise the complete spectrum of tasks that arise in the
course of a changeover to IAS/IFRS – and thereafter:
Coordination and project management during introduction of IAS/IFRS, both
internally as well as with auditors, legal counsel and IT system suppliers
Organization consulting
Assumption of the tasks and activities during the changeover
Staff training and coaching
Support following introduction of IAS/IFRS
IAS/IFRS-Changeover step by step
Not only your accounting but also extensive parts of your enterprise structure must
be adapted to the elements and requirements of IAS/IFRS. Our experts guide you
in a confident and partner-like manner through the processes necessary.
Migration of your accounting and consolidation to IAS/IFRS standards
Redefinition of your accounting regulations and balance sheet policy
Introduction of new components and those which are IAS/IFRS-specific for all
aspects of accounting and reporting
Reworking and adjustment of the internal reporting, forecasting and audit systems
Reappraisal of the systems for risk detection and prevention
Adjustment of business processes for all IAS/IFRS-relevant transactions
Changeover of all IT systems to those compatible with IAS/IFRS accounting
Establishment, documentation and introduction of IAS/IFRS rules, regulations and processes
Our IAS/IFRS introduction follows clearly structures project stages that can also be
implemented through individual workshops. At all times you have an overview of the
milestones achieved during the changeover process. Step by step we show you
everything new that you need to expect with IAS/IFRS.